hello. we are jeff and amanda. 

photo credit: Emily Chidester Photography

photo credit: Emily Chidester Photography

First thing's first we're the realest... and if you are still reading after we just quoted Iggy Azalea to lead out our "about us" section, then we might just be the photographer's for you. But seriously, we are real people who as photographers value life's real moments: the honest smiles, the full faced laughs, the happy tears, the messy moments, the unpredictable and unplanned... 

We like to think of our photography style as genuine, sunny, alive, bold, and fun. We are quirky (as people and photographers.)  We specialize in photographing happy, authentic, love-filed couples and families. We love rule-breakers, and couples who value authenticity over tradition. We encourage positivity, rolling with the (wedding day) punches, and laughing 'til it hurts. 

Though the majority of our work is done for local clients at local venues, we do travel internationally and work with couples and families making Charleston their destination of  choice. We offer small session rates for families and couples beginning at $250, and wedding packages beginning at $2800. At this time, we do not offer newborn sessions to new clients. 

In our non work life, we are just a regular married couple who often cancel plans for extravagant date nights to stay home, watch netflix, and eat taco bell.  We love our pets, and our new son Theo Fitzgerald. We love instagramming all of the 2 footed and 4 footed members of our family  ( @dreampopmedia for  occasional photos of my cat in a panda hat. ) We love being outdoors, but only if it's above 65 degrees (because we are happily spoiled cold-blooded southerners.) Amanda loves summertime, the beach, big sunglasses, sneakers with sundresses,  genuine characters, peppermint hot chocolate, and polaroids. Jeff loves playing drums, wrestling with his bulldog, his beard, being out on the water, and ranch dressing. Most importantly, we love each other and what we do. 

If you are interested in learning more about us, checking on an available date, or scheduling a session, please fill out the contact form on this page. Thanks for taking the time to read this unnecessarily long "about us" post. We can't wait to add you to our little Dreampop family! 






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