There is something about Mary(Jean.) Mary Jean inquired with us last year about photographing her NJ wedding this past June. She had attended one of the very first weddings Jeff and I ever shot as a duo and has followed our work ever since. Though I didn't recognize her name, I did a quick Facebook search and sure enough I remembered her face (mostly that breathtaking smile.) I even remembered that she wore an emerald green dress to the wedding (over 3 years ago.)  Once you meet Mary Jean, it's impossible to forget her. She exudes an honest Joy that reflects in everyone she comes in contact with. She was so excited about us(which really makes a photographer feel good,) and I was probably equally excited that she asked US to be part of her special day. 

One year later we hopped on a plane, a train, and a bus and ended up in Morristown NJ to photograph all of the wedding festivities for Mary Jean and her now husband Trevor. They were so welcoming. Trevor complimented Jeff on his Vans..#Instafriends. Mary Jean welcomed us with hugs, and that signature smile. Both families made us feel so important, so valued, and so loved the entire time we were there.  We are so honored to be able to have this duo as part of our dreampop family.  

Mary Jean Trevor-Mary Jean Trevor DONE-0002.jpg
Mary Jean Trevor-Mary Jean Trevor DONE 2-0404.jpg

- j&a



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