Bye Bye Video...

A few weeks ago when placing a Facebook ad announcing that we were ready to book fall weddings, I casually mentioned that we are no longer booking video for 2016. Since then I've received an influx of "can you please squeeze in one more video," and  "you can't quit videos, because we love them," emails and texts.  

First of all, thank you. It has been so nice to hear your kind words about how cherished my highlight films have been.  I am so grateful for everyone who ever allowed me to film their special day.  I am also incredibly flattered that you've been so passionate about wanting me to continue making them.  To be fair to you all, here is an honest, heartfelt explanation about our decision to eliminate video from our 2016 menu...


This is such a positive change for us. For the past 5 years, Jeff and I have lived crazy busy lives...because we could.  I've been a dance teacher, consignment store manager, and gymnastics coach, all while building a brand, managing a small business, keeping up with emails and inquiries, bookings and payments, blogging and advertising, wedding weekends, and somehow fitting in the editing schedule of a full-time video editor. Together, every week for the last five years Jeff and I have worked 6-7 day work weeks, and committed our weekends to others, years and month in advance. 

This next season, I am reclaiming my time as my own. By removing video editing from my life I am freeing up at least 25 hours in every week. I can focus on deliverring wedding photos more quickly, maintain our little business , follow new dreams, get out from behind my computer screen, hang out with real people, and most importantly be available physically and mentally to be the best new mom I can be. 

"But Amanda, couldn't you hire someone to edit videos for you."  I could, but it wouldn't be the same. I would never be able to fully let the responsibly go. I am very confident this is the best decision for us at this time. 

We are still booking wedding photography as usual, but are limiting the number we accept each season (for new parent/ more family time reasons.) We are so excited about our new "less is more" work life for 2016 and appreciate your support in our decision to be more present and less "work busy."  

Thank you all so so so much for your continued support. Hopefully you find this explanation more satisfying than, " unfortunately, we are no longer booking video."  We can't wait to spend this next season feeling positive about our new balance of  work and family life....and also spamming you with photos and videos of the newest mini Janecek. 

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