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Happy 2017! After 3 seasons of working while pregnant,  and 4 seasons of working while trying to get the hang of this new parent thing...we're ready for some adventure! Maybe you are too. We've created a "bucket list" that includes a list of wedding details/events, locations, destinations, and some really fun quirky engagement sessions we'd like to photograph in 2017. The best part - you get a discount for taking us up on any of the items listed. It's like we're paying you to have fun! Bucket list item discounts are open to every couple booked or to-be-booked in 2017. Huge bonus for all of the new holiday engagements: book by January 31st and receive 10% off an 8 or 10 hour wedding package, book by February 28th and receive 5% off. 

In 2017 our plan is to work with joyful couples who value real moments over poses, expect their friends to pack the dance floor, are able to laugh at themselves (and us,) and love each other so much they could burst. If this sounds like you then you should be emailing us quick fast and and a hurry because we'd be stoked to hear from you! 


Keep reading below for our 2017 Bucketlist items and snatch them up before someone else does... 


-Guests throw confetti during recessional ( $100 discount - 3 available)

-Bride wears flower crown ($50 discount - 3 available)

-Bridal party carries Geronimo balloons instead of bouquets ( $100 discount - 1 available)

- Flower Grandma  ($100 discount - 1 available)

- Bride wears gold sequin dress ( $100 discount - 1 available)

-  Well planned backyard wedding with professional wedding planner ( $100 discount- 1 available)

- Surprise wedding ($200 discount - 1 available)

- VW Surf Van get away car ($150 discount - 1 available)

-Traditional Indian Wedding ($200 discount - 1 available)



- The Island House ($100 discount - always available) 

- Legare Waring House ($100 discount, 1 available)

- The Alley ($200 discount, 1 available)

- Lowndes Grove ($200 discount, 1 available)


DESTINATIONS: (heads up, we love warm coastal places:) )

- Florida Keys Wedding: No Travel Fees

- Carribbean Wedding: No Travel Fees

- Southern California Wedding: No Travel Fees

- Hawaii Wedding: No Travel Fees



- SUP/Kayaking Session

- Painting each other's portrait session (with wine or champagne of course)

- Private dance lesson session

- Poolside session (with awesome novelty floats)

- Include a real llama (FREE SESSION) 

- Icecream shop session

- Sunset boating session